Maccheroni by Salvatore is a popular Italian restaurant in Dongguan among foreigners and locals.
The event invites foreign friends (including individuals, families and teams) to share their personal experiences about working, studying and living in Dongguan
How long have you been at home? How did you spend your time at home? Let's see how the foreign friends who stayed in Dongguan spend their long holiday.
American Rachel begins with 100 RMB and will haggle with sellers at the fair. What and how many flowers will she get? Let's check out the video.
On 18th January, the Dongguan Hash House team organized a "hash run" event. Many expats from different countries jogged in Songshan Lake with local friends. The
“Hey guys, welcome to today’s video. I am RachelR星星.” At the beginning of every video, Rachel says hi to the viewers in a cheerful way with her signatur...
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